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Life is too short to not wear a condom!

I have been noticing lately on Leo list that there are some new girls and I'm pretty shocked ! I don't mean shocked as in how beautiful they are or smart no, no not at all I'm shocked, because there are new girls coming along, who are under the age of 30 who are doing bareback blowjobs, and pretending to be Doms! And trust me, if you are looking at a girl, and she is doing bareback anything she is not a dominatrix that is a prostitute, and not a very smart one I can guarantee you as well you will be paying extra for that service ! And unfortunately, you will also be paying extra for whatever you're gonna catch from her as well. You have to stop and think if she's gonna do that with anybody that's exactly it she's gonna do it with anybody I don't understand people Just because you put a label on it doesn't mean that it will protect you from an STI! It's the most shocking thing I've read in quite some I have been through this for many years and when I went through the escort program here in Edmonton, they can't stress enough the use of condoms disease is very real in this age and syphilis is on the rise and yes you can get syphilis in your throat! I'm also really shocked by how many younger people under the age of 30 including men don't know anything about STI Sexually transmitted infections! Please educate yourself. Condoms are very valuable save your life and save the life of someone else. Use common sense if you're having sex with a sex trade Worker, she is having sex with everyone without a Condom!😖

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