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Snapchat scammers!

I am kind of disturbed by the kind of publicity. Snapchat is getting right now. People are using Snapchat to manipulate young people and it's pretty horrible. Something you need to be aware of is working online. I know how this works the girls go on and use Snapchat to cohost you into giving them extra monies off-line. They also give guys tons of photos. Those guys can take those photos and then come up with an account of their own as in an advertisement or another fake account rate on Snapchat. This is how their manipulating younger men then they manipulate those young men and, you know they got dick pics and they humiliate them and tell them they're gonna tell their families it's pretty terrible and I'm starting to see more and more on Leo list new ads pop up girls I get it new stuff starts all the time new people come along, but there is a concentration of it at certain times of the year And that's the problem a lot of it is fake and it is also making it more restrictive and difficult for some of us legitimate people to actually make money because guys think were fake or they lose all their money to the fake and then have no money for us the actual living legitimate people who work regularly all year off of this website Leo has proven that it is nothing but a selfish entity that only cares about itself and its own preservation. That's why they switch back to Canadian money. I bet they were being investigated. Anyway good luck out there and always remember that real professional will have a website even if they claim it's down they probably don't have one. It's just part of the grift. Like I said, good luck out there in the world it's very scary.

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