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Stalkers and people in personating me online!

Hello, and once again, I have a brand new blog !

For about five years now I have started to notice a presence online that has centred me out and is targeting me ! I don't know who it is if it's the same person or more than one person I have no idea. But I do know that this is some thing that happens quite often in the sex trade industry with porn stars, strippers escorts, of course and of course my own kind dominatrix and mistress! It is becoming the new plague of the Internet, so be 100% there are a lot of people pretending to be me why I don't know but if you happen to come across someone you think is fake do you report it you know my phone number I only have one phone number and I don't do any business on WhatsApp! That's just for talking to people and for WhatsApp, I only use my own phone number that means the number that comes up on my end is generated by the app! And you should be careful on those apps they're not very good for security!

My advice to you is simple if you want to pay tribute join my only fans you can find that on my Linktree !

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