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The economy, and how it affects this business

I'm sure you all know that the economy is a bit out of control in Canada! we are definitely having an economic slump at the moment, and it affects all businesses, including the sex trade industry. I do have my own theories on how that works but I never really like to make a statements or comments about criminal activity that affects everything in a very different way, and in all honesty, the media is much more focussed on War and bad politics here in our own country that they don't seem to care about what is actually going on in the big scheme of human trafficking, we always find out after the fact. But I will say this and I think I have said it before and another blog things are not as they once were in 2019, 2018 and 2019 were very good years. But those years are gone and I completely understand that money is tight which is why I personally have not really changed my pricing. I have stayed at $200 an hour. And I feel that is a reasonable price especially considering what is going on in the world right now, so please keep that in mind and consider that when you are looking to explore your interest in BDSM and fetishes..

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