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The importance of experience!

Over the past little while there's been a lot of younger girls coming along! And I understand that everyone wants to start somewhere, but there is one thing that is starting to concern me the growing amount of people being traffic it through this country is becoming out of control! I don't think the police really have a grasp of it and there's a lot of people who are literally doing it to themselves as well! Experience is quite important when it comes to BDSM and fetishes, especially for the quality of your session! If you're with someone who is lacking in experience, they're also going to be lacking in equipment and knowledge, and in some ways, it could even be putting your life in danger, without even giving a care or thought, or regard to you, because in their mind, that's what this is all about degrading you humiliating you and putting you in a bad situation. I guess for some guys would be a dream come true until you realize that it's a really real situation and the person you're with is probably going to fuck off and leave you in a bad situation because they don't have the experience to deal with it! Not to mention, I think it's kind of bizarre when a girl comes along who is only 19 a 19-year-old doesn't even have that much sexual experience, never mind experience with this type of the situation scenario or seen! So that's just a little food for thought!

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