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The worst type of scam is this.

On the subject of younger dominatrix ! I get it totally everyone wants to be the top dog, but sometimes some of these younger kids take it a little far I just had a conversation with someone over the phone. Who had something happened to him that struck me, but didn't surprise me he contacted a younger lady And he went into a session with her. It was what it was. He enjoyed himself, but he then wanted to further engage with her Online and doing so. She started to tease him and taunt him and then she told him that she was actually 17 years old and that if he didn't give her her set amount of money that she was going to take the photos in the video of him, engaging with him in a session to the police. Now I'm not sure if this is just some new form of crazy blackmail, but the game ends when you start to really bring legality into the situation, and that can be quite scary for some people this person in particular he's wrestling with the fact that he doesn't understand if this is real or fiction, this person is taking this too far and I guess I'll just have to keep you posted on the outcome .

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