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Unsafe, sex trade workers

I know a lot of the time we are the ones who need to be safe and to make sure our surroundings are safe and that we can work freely and be comfortable with ourselves !

But for those of you out there who are clients and unaware of some of the dangers within the sex trade industry, example, sex, trade, workers who are on drugs! it is real. There is a particular person on Leo list right now who should I say is someone that people should be very cautious around? I would tell you the persons name, but they keep changing their advertisement up so much I believe it to be for a reason. and I will elaborate on that reason I met a trans person about a year and a half ago who had a very bad incident with said sex trade-Worker from red deer, someone who works this area of Edmonton as well. This person in particular took something from this trans person a breast plate! A particular one which are quite pricey. She told me she spent a lot of money on her breast plate and this sex trade worker took her breast plate and wrote her Leo list information but didn't follow through with the verified ad destroying the breast plate. I personally think this is a very unusual thing to do but when you are on Crystal Meth, you kind of don't think straight! and the trans person witnessed this sex trade worker openly smoke crystal meth for those of us who are dedicated to being a dominatrix, a mistress or whatever you want to categorize yourself as going to put some effort into Twitter page Instagram. Other social media, like only fans have videos, and a website to prove that they really are 100% into this industry. I have spent a lot of money on this business over the years and some of it was not well spent, but most of it has been. I enjoy what I do, and I don't plan on quitting and I don't let people intimidate me. I'm 100% and you can see my videos on my advertisement. People are trying to steal my stuff and I have to admit that I do believe this particular person is one of those people who's been stealing my identity so a little food for thought some people who claim to be crazy, wild ,well this one in particular is just on drugs. Good luck with that!😉

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